San Antonio Military Families, Welcome to our (new) Web site!

San Antonio is a happy and exciting place to live for Military families! Downtown San Antonio has a vibrant International Flavor that is attractive and fulfilling at the same time. Just the variety of things to do here is reward in itself..  I am also ex-military and my wife and I believe that we have found everything we need right here right here in San Antonio, where almost every 'good place' you want to go is within an hours drive.   It is different from any other place we've been on both east and west coasts.


If you want to go to Austin, for example, either for school or work, or plelasure, it is an hours drive from San Antonio. Hamilton Pool (pictured above) is an example of how accessible some of the most beautiful and natural places in the South are.

 San Antonio has a 750' space 'needle' with a revolving-restaraunt on top, called The Tower of the America's. Then there is ;The Riverwalk (a very festive place where there are 4 million + visitors yearly because of  huge convention centers here); We have Rivers to float and kayak on, and lakes to boat and fish on that are less than 1 hour away. We have Seaworld, Six Flags, The Historic Alamo and the Menger Bar next door where Teddy Roosevelt recruited his "Rough Rider's" for the Spanish-American War; We have the City of New Braunfels, an old very charming 'German town' with a lot of stone canals that were built by a German Count and his many German servants in the 1800's. The Aquamarine waters of the Pedernales and the Guadalupe are nearby as well. We have hunting and fishing, and 2 hours away at Port Aransas next to Corpus Christi we have the cleanest, clearest beaches and warm water off the Gulf of Mexico. If you are a wine conesseur we have plenty of Vineyards and wine-tasting events. San Antonio has everything for a major metropolitan city - and more


There are three important Tab on this website to click on for Military families: Click on Tab "Searching for a home". You can search for homes by size,price, location, number of bedrooms, interior and exterior features, etc. If you want even more detail ('skylights in the kitchen..') or you want to be sure that your new home is serviced by a particular school district,  call me and we can use the more detailed and up-to-date search capabilities of a highly sophisticated MLS system.


Then there is the 'Selling your home" tab. My company takes great pride in listing your home and offering sellers services such as Internet exposure on dozens of important web-sites, professional photography so your home will stand out and 'Pop' on those same websites, staging your home, having your home pre-inspected, providing a comparative market analyis (CMA), so you will know how your home stacks up against similar homes in your market area.


Also click on  "Use a Realtor? Why? tab to get a better understanding of the multiple services you can take advantage of from a realtor. Everything from getting you a Military VA Loan, Texas Vet Loan, with zero money down, to how you are assisted in comparing the Loan services of one mortgage company against another (rates and fees vary a lot


We are gradually entering useful and exciting information along with and resources designed to help you with military moves and exit strategies. So far this year I have sold homes to (8) military families in 2011 - everyone from retired Army to Navy Corpsmen Instructors. (Navy Corpsmen can carry a wounded warrior 200 yards on their backs out of harms way and pull a soldier from a burning tank). Since most of my military families buy or sell or rent a home with an eye to moving very quickly and smoothly into the right neighborhoods, the right schools, etc. I try to give special treatment to our military


1. I always pay attention to your military orders and what brings you to San Antonio

2. I try to help with an 'Exit strategy' if you are here for a typical 3 year rotation - or a retirement strategy if you are wanting to stay here. This includes comparing homes, communities, schools, etc. with an eye to your immediate and future needs. It isn't always an easy task (especially when you have less than a week or even only a weekend) with credit or financial issues that ocassionally appear at the last moment due to stricter underwriting requirements.

4. I have had Loan Officer experience I can help the military  family by giving them more types of loan choices such as VA, Texas Vet Loans, USDA Loans, special bond programs and more. One size does not fit all and I am good at getting you qualified..

5. Computer savvy. Since technology is here to stay, I make good use of it. iPhone, iPad, Text, emails, website, all help with communicating with my clients day or night.

6. 24x7 response. But in the end it is the willingness to put out a little extra effort for our military, most of whom do not know the local laws, ordinances, traffic short cuts, the everyday stuff that only someone who has lived here 10 years like myself know about.

7. Communities. I know the I-35 corridor very well and all the communities including Floresville and LaVerina ranch country, downtown and the Hill Country North, including New Braunfels, and Boerne.

8. Advanced search. I know how to use the advanced MLS search engines much faster and much more accurate than web sites like When we find you that great home it will be currently for sale and available, and not 'already sold' three days ago.  


You can also search for your ideal home by asking me to do an "MLS search" - with home parameters that you and I have selected at our very first meeting, then having that emailed to you each morning at 5:00am - such as this typical desciption:

  1. '3br, 2ba, 2car, all Bedrooms down;

  2.  Prefer at least 14x14 Master BR, and at least 12 x 12 for childrens rooms

  3. skylights,

  4. pool or HOA with pool,

  5. Choice of high school, middle, or elementary school - (Warning: cannot always guarantee

       what school districts will do as far as re-districting, etc)

  6. -and more along with detailed descriptions and photos of the home(s).



If you have any immediate questions and need an answer immediately - whether you're renting, buying, or selling,contact me  right now at 210-860-6770.